Why Join the K16 Bridge Program?

By joining the k16 Bridge Program, you are providing your students and future college attendees with a proven process for increased successful college entry.

The Process

  1. The process begins with the students logging onto their own Bridge web site, associated with your college and schools, called My Mentor. This web site is the portal through which students will explore careers, colleges, academic programs, financial aid, and other aspects of postsecondary education.
  2. This unique site is customizable and allows the teacher, site or district administrator quick access to important information about their students, school or district.
  3. Students will begin their journey by going through an online career assessment program provided by EUREKA: The California Career Information System.
  4. Once a student narrows down career choices and the colleges that interest them, they will begin receiving emails from their local community college and other institutions that they have selected, inviting them to learn more about their programs in that field.
  5. Colleges will have the ability to identify students that are interested in a specific field. Students will also complete a general survey that will connect them to extra-curricular programs and organizations that interest them.
  6. The process continues with lessons that explore how college actually works. The lessons include: how college works, degree and certification programs, general education, and applying for college.

The K16 Bridge program is designed to engage students in the process of planning for their future. The program highlights what your college has to offer and assists students with what it takes to enroll, increasing attendance to your college.

Get More Information on Joining

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